Still wondering . . .

What did we used to do before all of these computer screens came into our lives?  Did we actually spend more time interacting with each other in person, or were we just watching a whole lot more TV?  I’ve had too much screen already today – projects to complete for work.  It’s Saturday, green and sunny outside.

I’m still curled up on the bed, one of my favorite places to do computer work, with one cat stretched in front of me, head upside down, white chin ready to be rubbed, and another cat resting on a pair of jeans on the floor in the laundry corner.

Speaking of laundry, two loads are hung out to dry in the backyard sun thanks to my sweetheart.  Which makes me think of a book I recently enjoyed, Hand Wash Cold, by Karen Maezen Miller. About finding peace in an ordinary life. I just found her website.  She’s a beautiful and inspirational writer, giving me another reason to stay attached to the screen, especially as I’m an admitted reading addict.  But I think I’ll just bookmark it and return later.  It’s time to go outside, breathe, and enjoy some yoga practice. Despite the hours of work this morning, I’ve been feeling peaceful.  Sleeping cats with sweet faces certainly help.


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