How to get a lot of work done on the computer, part II

This photo was not staged. Too bad the cat doesn't actually type.

Note.  This post is not very exciting.  And it will make even less sense if you don’t read part 1 first.
1.  Set the snooze button about 50 times.  Well, ok, maybe just three or four.  Wonder to yourself what you were thinking when you set the alarm so ridiculously early.
2. Get up.  Wash the shower curtain with a toxic mix of detergent, bleach, vinegar and Shout.  Feel good about having accomplished something, at least.  Be amazed at all of the white fragrant ginger blooming. Come back to find the cat appearing to be ready to work on the computer, but accomplishing nothing.
3. Get on computer.  Deal with emails that just multiply the amount of work you’re doing on these projects. Get started on a project that involves the computer and two giant binders.  Actually enjoy it.
4. Barely leave time to get to yoga class, but choose to walk anyway – seven minutes before class is scheduled to begin.  Make it there on time. Try not to think about the work you need to do during savasana.  Tell your mind to be quiet.
5. Come home to find the cat has done no work but is still sacked out on the bed and complete the first project.  Only 8 more to go!

6. Bicycle to tutoring and enjoy everything about two different tutor sessions.  Spend down time in between sessions chatting with a good friend rather than working on the computer.
7. Start another project involving the computer and two other giant binders. Then tutor one more student, now on electron configuration.
8. Make dinner with lots of delicious local food.  Don’t think twice about cooking local fish.  Watch Netflix episodes of 30 Rock instead of working on computer.

artfully (?) blurry guests

9. When friends come by to borrow lantern for their camping trip around 10 p.m. and tell you it’s their anniversary, invite them for a glass of wine on the back deck.  Hang out until close to midnight.  Be happy that you live in New Orleans and that the weather is gorgeous.  Put rest of computer work off until tomorrow.
10. Set alarm for a ridiculously early hour.


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3 Responses to How to get a lot of work done on the computer, part II

  1. Nicole says:

    Also nice to know I am not the only one who can snooze for an hour or more… Most of the time, I don’t even realize I’m pushing the snooze button – I snooze in my sleep!!! Sleep-snoozing, like sleep-walking?!

  2. carlaat says:

    One of the benefits of a day that I get to schedule – but sometimes that requires discipline – and I haven’t been so good about that lately – at least in terms of getting up when I say I will! But hey, I’ve got one more project completed and it’s before 9 a.m.!

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