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Tangerines and pecans

Our tangerine tree has produced well over 100 fruits this year, and a friend’s tree is dropping pecans like crazy.  Once upon a time it  wasn’t nearly that unusual for people to eat a lot of their food from their … Continue reading

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Evening walk

I’m back home and back to the land of computer work and tutoring.  But I was up with the sun this morning – a great habit to start during six days at the beach – and I was outside with … Continue reading

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More pie! Plus flounder!

I kept up my pie per day experiment all the way through Thanksgiving, and I enjoyed it thoroughly!  This may become a tradition – we’ll see.  Tuesday, I made Bob Andy pie.  I have never heard of this light cinnamony … Continue reading

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Beach walks

Sunrise, sunset, afternoon, evening – everyone loves to walk on the beach.  People love it so much that they put it as a favorite activity in personal ads: “loves long walks on the beach”.  Or maybe that’s a cliche and … Continue reading

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Happy beach time

Another lovely day at the beach, even though much of it was cloudy/foggy.  But I haven’t posted any of the first photos – aside from the pies – so here’s a small selection from the first couple of days. First … Continue reading

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I don’t know exactly how this happened that I am making a pie every day on vacation, but it’s happening and it’s fun.  And today I tossed in a bittersweet chocolate cake just for kicks.  So I am in Destin, … Continue reading

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Two weeks of busy, and a much needed “reset”

I still can’t figure out how people keep up with blogs.  I’ve had lots to say, when I’m somewhere away from my computer, but I’ve lacked the discipline, time or both to do any actual composing.  It was a kind … Continue reading

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