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Will I ever learn?

One of my least favorite sayings is that definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  If that’s true, then check me in to the institution right now! I prefer to … Continue reading

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Gratitude, part II

where I will sort of list the bigger things . . . I’m grateful for walks in the woods with my sweetheart.  Especially when they involve a cypress forest on a warm December day. This picture of gumbo will be … Continue reading

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My December Gratitude List Part I

This is by no means a complete list.  It doesn’t note gratitude for love, family, good health, enough to eat, etc. etc.  It’s just a little list from images I took in December and never did anything with.  I feel … Continue reading

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I’m so behind . . .

I’m highly impressed with people who maintain blogs during the holidays.  Or even better, create Christmas miracles with their blogs, like The Bloggess did.  And she also found time to make commemorative t-shirts! It’s worth a stop to her site … Continue reading

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This should be a Twitter post

but I don’t have Twitter.  I have recently been smiling because as I tried to text a student to remind her about tutoring tomorrow with slightly cookie-doughy fingers, my cat jumped in my lap and started licking my fingers.  So … Continue reading

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