My mother used to call it “nosy”; I prefer to consider it curious

I didn't have a good plan for a curious pic. But this frog photo I snapped in the swamp some time ago seemed to fit the bill.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in what others are doing, thinking and saying.  I love to overhear snippets of conversation between strangers and make up my own storyline to go with what I see.  I’m one of those FB friends who actually does care about what you ate for breakfast, or that your kid is sick!  I love to people watch.  And I love to read. And now I have a window into hundreds of other people’s lives through their daily posts – perfect for an – ahem- curious – person like me!

You see, WordPress has set up a tagging system so you can, at any time, see the most recent posts from the folks who’ve signed up with Post A Day.  So tonight, and maybe here or there in the upcoming days, I’m going to read.  I’m not going to be picky and choose based upon the post title or the first line.  I’m just going to read, and read some more.  Maybe if I’m feeling a little brave, I might even comment – although that always seems a little more scary.  But I know I love to see a comment on my blog – who doesn’t love a comment?  And who doesn’t love traffic, even if your blog is just about your random life, which many of these blogs (including mine) are?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all glued to the computer.  I’m just a little fried from making my big work deadline today and thinking this would be a fun way to spend a little time, and give all those other people trying this blogging regularly thing, maybe for the first time, some traffic.  It’s no worse a way to spend a half hour or so than watching TV, right?

I feel a little bit of kinship with these strangers – like we’re all out there trying to think about something to write about and share with the world (or with our one friend who’s nice enough to read our posts) and isn’t that what the world could use more of? Kinship with strangers? World peace through blogging? What a fantastic concept! Ok, off I go, to bring peace to the world.  Have a great night, everyone!



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3 Responses to My mother used to call it “nosy”; I prefer to consider it curious

  1. Gangsta says:

    Isn’t it fun to listen to/read about other people and realize that we are all so similar in so many ways. It’s a relief…gives me hope for humanity. I’d rather read snippets from blogs like yours than watch the local news and get all downtrodden with the horrible things that happen everyday. 🙂

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