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Wordless Wednesdays: Well, all right!

  I noticed this message written in chalk on a sidewalk corner in the Garden District this afternoon.  I have no idea who it was meant for or what it means, but I’ll take it as a sign from the … Continue reading

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The only way to make crab cakes

According to my sweetheart, crab cakes should be almost all crab.  No veggies, no reductions, nothing fancy.  Ideally, the crab meat should be jumbo lump.  All back fin.  No claw meat. He’s from Maryland and doesn’t cotton to crab cakes … Continue reading

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NOLA summer evenings

While it’s just too hot during the day to want to venture out much, evenings are a different story.  I’ve always said that the best way to enjoy NOLA in the summer is to behave like a vampire.  Nap during … Continue reading

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Stillness Sundays: Another hidden gem

I’ll share with you another favorite “secret” place in New Orleans.  In truth, it’s in plain sight, not far from a major street and just steps from the Audubon Zoo, but lots of people don’t seem to know about it. … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays: Maine in a hurricane

I’m feeling for the Appalachian Trail hikers out there this weekend and hoping they’ve all gotten off the trail to hunker down until Irene passes.  I made the mistake of hiking in the remnants of Tropical Storm Danny on my … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Fridays: My AT book!

183 pages of gorgeous.  My whole Appalachian Trail blog, plus hundreds of photos, all in a book – a real 11×13 coffee table, hardcover book. It’s beautiful.  It’s a tangible, right-there-on-the-table testament to that amazing journey I was in the … Continue reading

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How bizarre, how bizarre

As a rule, I’m not a big graffiti fan.  Or tag fan.  Even when it’s artistic.  But I kind of like this odd Nutria NOLA sticker.  It’s big – probably a foot tall or so.  I like how it’s slapped … Continue reading

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