Well, hello there, Fall! Plus a caption contest . . .

What a delightful day.  Breezy, with even a hint of sun this afternoon. And when I went for a walk this evening I found myself transported to fall and even beyond to Christmas time.  It’s so odd how the feel and scent of the air itself can stir memories and sensations associated with the seasons.  The fall feeling came from the crisp coolness and the breezes whushing through the treetops.  And then I simultaneously heard church bells playing a hymn and smelled slightly piney incense – who knows where from! – and I would have sworn it was December.

I felt extra-energetic in a way that happens once a year when summer’s humidity first gives way to cool. I felt like putting on a pack and hiking for miles in the woods somewhere.  But I just went to the park and back.  I stayed on the muddy trail instead of the paved path, just to feel a little more “wild”. I didn’t see much damage, not like after Gustav where there were limbs and chunks of trees down everywhere.  Just typical post-rain giant puddles.

Watercolor bursts of grey and blue tinted the sky.  It looked rather surreal, like the clouds themselves were blue.

The photo is just as it came out of the camera. No alterations. Cool!

As I write this and listen to the wind outside I’m all ready to get out my sweaters and scarves.  Below 75 with a breeze?  Absolutely.  I’m a cold-natured girl.  Brrr!

Oh yes – the caption contest, you ask?  Well, take a look at this photo, and you tell me if it’s not just screaming for a caption.  Anyway, it made me smile.  As I was taking it, I thought I was just getting the owl and the cat, but then Fido appeared in the window – cute!  Have fun with it!

caption, please!


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10 Responses to Well, hello there, Fall! Plus a caption contest . . .

  1. Looking back, she could pinpoint the exact moment it all went “Planet of the Pets”

  2. eof737 says:

    Excellent shots… I like these sudden surprise photos… If I think of a suitable caption, I’ll come back… Enjoy! Its about to rain here.. 🙂

  3. jacquelincangro says:

    Here’s my idea for a caption: 🙂
    On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Fido and Fluffy decided to challenge Owl to a staring contest.

  4. jeanne says:

    Who rang the bell?

  5. Stef says:

    Caption: “What are you looking at?”

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