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All on one Sunday during Carnival in New Orleans

I am happy to report that I’ve perfected my “Sunday before the Sunday before Mardi Gras” routine.  This year there’s one extra Sunday thrown in because the parades were moved around so as not to interfere with the Superbowl, but … Continue reading

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Before the parades…

Just some snapshots I took on the way back from the post office today – first parades are tonight!  I love the build up to the parades, the police officers gathering at each block, the empty floats awaiting riders (these … Continue reading

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Bead season again

Both of these pics taken on my walk to yoga class.  I love how people decorate for Mardi Gras with beads.

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Parade remnant

I was out of town this past weekend, and so I missed the annual “practice walk” of the Jefferson City Buzzards.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Then it’s worth it to click here.  And if you want more, click … Continue reading

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Farmers’ market reds

Oh, I know how lucky we are to have gorgeous red strawberries and tomatoes from the farmers’ market in January!  And carrots and beets and lettuce and broccoli and goat cheese and fresh fish.  We are ready for the week!

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Ring around the moon

If you’re in NOLA, or nearby, go look now!

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Camellia season

January means winter in most of the Northern hemisphere, and that means snow and ice and bare trees.  But in New Orleans there’s always something blooming.  Enjoy these two camellias,  both in our yard, one a vibrant fuchsia, one a … Continue reading

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