Post-Mardi Gras reboot

Poor little abandoned blog!  I love you but don’t pay attention to you sometimes!  The good news is that I have enough posts about New Orleans and loving living here that people can still find what they need, even when I don’t post regularly.  And that’s why this little NOLA oasis in Cyberland is here to stay, even when I step away for a month!

We were away for Mardi Gras this year – hiking and staying in a lovely cabin in northern Georgia.  Thus the lack of photos during the actual celebration!

But there are still remnants of beads everywhere.  To illustrate, here are some pics from my walk to yoga class – taken in the past few days…


Looks like people just pulled off their beads and boas and left them on the porch.  This is what happens post-parade – you just undress from all the beads and toss them on couches, floors, doorknobs – everywhere!  I just loved this pic because I took it about three weeks after Mardi Gras, and there, still, are the piles of beads…


Someone organized them by color on their fence – pretty!

IMG_2873A bead palm tree…

Yes, Mardi Gras may have been over for nearly a month, but the beads remain, and next week there will be more beads – all green for St. Patrick’s Day!


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8 Responses to Post-Mardi Gras reboot

  1. Great pics, I think the tree is my favorite!

  2. WOW – Beads Galore – great captures – love the fence pic!!! Happy Friday:)

  3. f-stop mama says:

    I loved the beads in the trees when I visited in May a couple of years ago. I heart the New Orleans, such a festive, fun and welcoming city. Welcome back!

  4. Jakki Hatchett says:

    Lol that’s my house and tree and we leave the beads up all year. It makes me smile! 🙂

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