Springtime skink

There are so many signs that it’s spring in New Orleans.  The azaleas are popping everywhere, the wisteria is starting up, and the live oak trees are wearing their chartreuse coats of flowers instead of their dark green glossy leaves.

And the lizards are out!  This is a little skink that was sunning on the heart-embossed cement door stop for our gate.  I love how he or she had curled into the curve of the heart.

What signs of spring (or fall if you’re down under) are you noticing?



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17 Responses to Springtime skink

  1. Great Capture – this little guy has a pretty long tail! Happy Monday:)

  2. Spring is here in Portugal and I love all the Spring flowers and vibrant colours!

  3. Robin says:

    He or she is a cute little thing! Nice capture. We have signs of spring here but we’re also under a winter storm warning today with snow in the forecast for most of the week. The birds, the flowers, and the trees are all convinced it’s time for spring to arrive. All we have to do now is convince winter to leave. 🙂

  4. Carla says:

    One more snowstorm – I guess the melting snow is good for the upcoming crocuses, etc.! Stay warm and may the forsythia start up soon! (I miss the forsythia….)

  5. Patricia says:

    Before I moved to my condo the apartment I lived in had chameleons that would sun themselves on my front door. When I would open the door they would drop in(side). I would find them in my plants and on lamps and the TV. I miss them.

  6. Well, they don’t think we wil get more than 6 inches of snow tonight so I guess spring is coming…

  7. There are a few daffodils trying to come out, but it’s still snowing! I’m always amazed at how they have the determination to poke their yellow heads through the earth. They are hardier than they look!

  8. Barb Fernald says:

    It’s snowing here in Maine. We’re supposed to get a foot! Nothing green coming up yet, but the birds are starting to sing more, so spring is on its way.

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