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Live your truth – an arty example

There’s a little gallery in my neighborhood with big bright paintings of candy, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn with candy, and all kinds of other fun, splashy, colorful pieces.  I’ve walked by it dozens of times and wondered about the artist. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – another Simon sign

  Love this.

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Living Social bead art evening!

Pooped.  I’ve used the word twice in blog posts in the past two days.  Now here it is again today.  I’m really a good kind of pooped, but blogging is once again taking a back seat to life.  How people … Continue reading

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How bizarre, how bizarre

As a rule, I’m not a big graffiti fan.  Or tag fan.  Even when it’s artistic.  But I kind of like this odd Nutria NOLA sticker.  It’s big – probably a foot tall or so.  I like how it’s slapped … Continue reading

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Wordless Tuesdays – another Simon Sign

This one made me smile.  You can see more Simon Signs at this post back in April. And I really thought it was Wednesday.  I had to change the post title.  I promise I’ll have more than one photo tomorrow … Continue reading

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Can I dream?

 . . . of someday having an easel and being a plein air painter?  (I have to develop some talent first, alas!)  Oh, but when I see people out in the street in the neighborhood (I think this was a … Continue reading

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Bonus post: Cranes part II

This is the post where you find out that I am not always pleasant, cheery, positive, bubbly, and prone to overuse the exclamation point.  This is where you find out how easily I slip over to the Dark Side.  Start … Continue reading

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