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Where I’ve been

Canoeing into the sunset while the full moon rises (I promise a future post with more photos!) Washing windows that haven’t been washed in years and years.  Cleaning gutters. Laying under trees some more.  Napping. There have been two Post … Continue reading

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The socially acceptable addiction

What other addiction can you say you stayed up all night doing because you just couldn’t stop, and no one bats an eyelash? What other addiction can you participate in right out in public, and no one bothers you?  People … Continue reading

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New word: blogbligation

So, my friend Julie calls up and says her dinner plans have changed and can I come over earlier for our Mad Men marathon? Um, well, I say, I haven’t written my blog post of the day yet. Whereupon I … Continue reading

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Yeah, but –

Blogging. It’s just one more creative outlet.  Perhaps it beats watching television – at least in the creativity department.  It’s the cross stitch sampler of the 21st century. With way more capability!  That metaphor doesn’t really work for a whole … Continue reading

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Blogged out.

Have you ever searched around – looked at how many people have a blog? This is the most unnecessary thing on the face of the earth. Really. Who can possibly read all of this stuff? Ok. I have some stuff … Continue reading

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Tentative beginnings

Do I want to blog?  Does it go with what I’m trying to do in life in general?  Is life made richer by writing about it and sharing it, or is it just one more thing to do that keeps … Continue reading

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