NOLA Nature

Happy.  Nature makes me happy.  Many of my friends who love nature like I do live in places like Montana or Colorado or western Massachusetts or Maine or somewhere where they look out the window and see mountains, lakes, wild spaces.

When I look out my window, I can see cars, houses, and more powerlines than you could imagine.  I can’t figure out how we didn’t notice the gigantic power poles when we put a bid in for this house.  If electromagnetic fields cause health problems, we should already be dead.  A block from my house is the port.  We can hear the boats, the trains, and the crash of the cranes unloading the cargo.

But between me and the cars and houses is a giant bird of paradise, wild ginger, and jasmine.  Flocks of starlings like to perch on those giant powerlines.  We have a resident pair of hawks, wild parrots, butterflies galore, and a growing season that really never ends.

I manage to find all kinds of nature to appreciate in this city.  So much so that I keep a sometimes daily photo blog about it.  That’s the best place to find my nature musings.


4 Responses to NOLA Nature

  1. alisonamazed says:

    Love that egret banner! Wow! Your photography – most especially the banners – is stunning! I could click like on every page! I’m going to visit your photo blog.

  2. lovinadoptin says:

    I am a Coloradan, but I love it that you can find the beauty between everything that tries it’s hardest to hide it.

  3. carlaat says:

    Thanks so much! Colorado is so beautiful – you don’t have to search there in the mountains!

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