Sustenance – food for the body, but also sustenance for the spirit.  How lucky I am to have both.  In abundance.

Little by little, I’ll be adding favorite recipes and other sustenance ideas!  Below are recipes I’ve included in posts.

Spinach and Tortellini Soup – not particularly New-Orleans-y, but warm, comforting and delicious!
Rose-scented Crepes  – very romantic!
Sacher Torte – the Joy of Cooking recipe- yum!
Farmers’ Market salad – very adjustable.
Pepper and onion pasta – extremely easy . . .
Detox tofu fudgesicles – delicious and healthy!
Cashew fish and roasted sweet potatoes – made with all local food from the Farmers’ Market!
Magic cookie bars – see next day’s post for photo.  Decadent and super-easy.
Local dessert – ice cream, rum and fruit.
Fruit galette -easy with a pre-made pie crust and fresh local fruit.
Pineapple upside-down muffins – healthy, pretty and delicious!


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