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It’s the details…

I don’t know – are there other places where random art is tacked to the base of telephone poles?  I guess there are.  I feel happy to live in one of them.  I love this little random dog that my … Continue reading

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On the way to Prospect 2

On Friday, with a little bit of time to kill before the Prospect 2 exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center opened, my friend Elizabeth and I wandered around the Warehouse/Arts district.  We came upon: the craft services and filming for … Continue reading

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Live your truth – an arty example

There’s a little gallery in my neighborhood with big bright paintings of candy, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn with candy, and all kinds of other fun, splashy, colorful pieces.  I’ve walked by it dozens of times and wondered about the artist. … Continue reading

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Can I dream?

 . . . of someday having an easel and being a plein air painter?  (I have to develop some talent first, alas!)  Oh, but when I see people out in the street in the neighborhood (I think this was a … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Friday – combat fear with a friend!

Are you afraid of art?  Do you think you might be creative deep down inside, but you haven’t done anything with it since art class in grade school?  Or even if you do manage to work on your art, do … Continue reading

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Let’s pretend it’s a four day week and . . .

. . . hereby denote Friday as Fun Friday!  Or Fantabulous Friday!  Let’s pretend I wasn’t in meetings from 9 a.m. to 12:30 on my “day off”.  Oh, plus a tutor appointment at 8:00 a.m. Seems like ages ago. It … Continue reading

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This entry only appears to be about water meters.

I’m on a close deadline as it ticks toward midnight and I haven’t done my post of the day, but I’m going to try to articulate something special about living here.  I think this must happen in other places besides … Continue reading

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