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Fantabulous Fridays: living in a magazine photo

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like someone could come and do a photo shoot of your experience and it would make a lovely magazine spread?  When the weather’s perfect and the setting is gorgeous and it … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Danes!

Charlotte and Stephan, the Danes, left early this a.m.  We were happy to have them extend their visit to four nights – they’re fabulous people and it saved them hotel fees, and it gave us more time to get to … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Fridays: Friends and Food

How’s that for some alliteration for ya? Despite my busy schedule the past couple of days (well, not today – I try to keep Fridays as open as possible – there’s a reason I quit my full-time job after all!) … Continue reading

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The country cure part II

I’ve written about the country cure before.  But it was before anyone actually read my blog.  So you should go back and check it out if you want, especially if you’re in need of some stress relieving country photos. So … Continue reading

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Bonus post: Cranes part II

This is the post where you find out that I am not always pleasant, cheery, positive, bubbly, and prone to overuse the exclamation point.  This is where you find out how easily I slip over to the Dark Side.  Start … Continue reading

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Story Saturday – can I tell a story about today?

What happened this morning will give me revengeful insect dreams for days to come.  It seems like ages ago – not just a few hours ago – that I was working with one of my tutees and his lab partner … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Friday – combat fear with a friend!

Are you afraid of art?  Do you think you might be creative deep down inside, but you haven’t done anything with it since art class in grade school?  Or even if you do manage to work on your art, do … Continue reading

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