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Weekly photo challenge: Creativity

Morning grass time journalling, reading inspirational words, sitting quietly for ten minutes and brewing all kinds of ideas.  Excitement on the horizon! Advertisements

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Why I love this city – a special story

Apologies if this story has already made it to you – I think it’s made it beyond the local news to places like Huffington Post. Start with the original post by a mother who took her autistic daughter to the … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Fridays: An oldie but a goodie

I first checked out Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, from the library years and years ago.  I was intrigued by the lovely daily meditations, advice and observations for busy modern women. Recently, I bought myself a used copy super-cheaply.  … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesdays: Well, all right!

  I noticed this message written in chalk on a sidewalk corner in the Garden District this afternoon.  I have no idea who it was meant for or what it means, but I’ll take it as a sign from the … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, yes!

Checked in with myself and this feels right.  It’s summer, people, and I need a VACATION!!  I’m gonna check out of the blogosphere for a while.  I’ll be back for solid, daily posts on August 16.  I need a break … Continue reading

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Tenacious and patient

Trees grow imperceptibly slowly.  And if they run into something in their way, like this fence post, they embrace it and slowly grow around it.  There’s some kind of metaphorical lesson here.  I’m at a place where I need to … Continue reading

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Almost wordless Wednesday

If you look hard, you can find these signs scattered around the city. This one is within blocks of my house.  And it’s a good reminder for me.  How about you?

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