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Fantabulous Fridays: An oldie but a goodie

I first checked out Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, from the library years and years ago.  I was intrigued by the lovely daily meditations, advice and observations for busy modern women. Recently, I bought myself a used copy super-cheaply.  … Continue reading

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A whole year?

Wow.  I’ve had this blog for a year.  Wanna read what I wrote a year ago?  Click here.  So funny.  That blog topic has been my “thing” my whole life – and I think I’m just beginning to wiggle it … Continue reading

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Where I’ve been

Canoeing into the sunset while the full moon rises (I promise a future post with more photos!) Washing windows that haven’t been washed in years and years.  Cleaning gutters. Laying under trees some more.  Napping. There have been two Post … Continue reading

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Breathing and blue

I have a new goal.  Breathing. Seems really achievable, doesn’t it?  Especially from someone who hiked a 2000 mile plus trail, who has a relatively regular yoga practice – breathing is the goal?  Really? I know, sounds weird.  But for … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, yes!

Checked in with myself and this feels right.  It’s summer, people, and I need a VACATION!!  I’m gonna check out of the blogosphere for a while.  I’ll be back for solid, daily posts on August 16.  I need a break … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Fridays: Embracing nothing

Nothing on the agenda.  Nothing I have to do.  Oh, I am still so in love with nothing!  Today was a great “nothing” day, although in the middle of it I went out to lunch with a dear friend, so … Continue reading

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Stillness Sundays – do you still collage?

Do you still cut out photos from magazines and paste them to posterboards?  Or have you graduated to Pinterest?  I still like an old-fashioned paper collage now and then that I can hang up somewhere and stare at. My collages … Continue reading

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