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All on one Sunday during Carnival in New Orleans

I am happy to report that I’ve perfected my “Sunday before the Sunday before Mardi Gras” routine.  This year there’s one extra Sunday thrown in because the parades were moved around so as not to interfere with the Superbowl, but … Continue reading

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Doors and decorations of Mardi Gras

We don’t get winter blues in New Orleans.  There’s too much to celebrate!  As soon as the Christmas decorations go down, the Mardi Gras decorations go up – and then once Mardi Gras is over (and often in the middle … Continue reading

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French Quarter night scene #1

A balcony all decked out for Mardi Gras.  Still proudly proclaiming membership in the Who Dat Nation.  With beautiful white painted ironwork beneath the lights and sparklies.

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Even the trees. . .

. . . get dressed up for Mardi Gras!

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Gorgeous even without the Mardi Gras decorations

I like the colors and the finished wood corner double doors. And the flying horse on the balcony. And the side door with a wreath made from medallion beads from many different krewes. Cool!

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I apologize for the misleading title of yesterday’s post

Or maybe I don’t.  I don’t know. This is sort of a blog about New Orleans, because it’s where I live, and it plays a pretty big supporting role in my daily life, but this blog is also about the … Continue reading

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How to spend a rainy/cloudy day in New Orleans

1. Get up super early and go to a doctor’s appointment.  Remind yourself that it’s really not that complicated, scheduling and attending doctors’ appointments.  Wonder why you allow yourself to put these kinds of things off. 2. Stop at the … Continue reading

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