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Summer treat #8 – rainy afternoons

Rainy afternoons in the summer keep everything green, and cool the air ever so slightly.  And give us all permission to take an afternoon nap.  Ahhh. Here’s a link to just a minute of wordless rainyness in the front yard.  … Continue reading

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Back to the Square . . .

. . . for more great music this evening.  Bonerama was funkin’ it up at the Harvest the Music festival.  And tonight we indulged in shrimp and grits and a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw.  Yum! During the concert, a … Continue reading

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When it rains . . .

. . . you know the rest. Two days of rain.  Eight inches in the not-quite-scientifically-accurate five gallon bucket.  Wow.  Yes, we needed the rain – maybe not all at once, but we’ll take it!  The pouring rain woke me … Continue reading

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Fantabulous Fridays: Embracing nothing

Nothing on the agenda.  Nothing I have to do.  Oh, I am still so in love with nothing!  Today was a great “nothing” day, although in the middle of it I went out to lunch with a dear friend, so … Continue reading

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Clouds in summer – love or hate?

When clouds bring thunder showers that cool the city in the afternoon and green up the plants:  Love. When clouds block the sun for a while so it’s not so crazy hot:  Love. When clouds dump rain to soak into … Continue reading

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Ahh, the sound of dripping

Dripping means rain.  And rain is especially good right now – we need it so much! I love the soothing sound of the gutters dripping.  I went outside a little while ago and snapped this photo of the pine tree … Continue reading

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Home out of the weather

I’m happy to be home and cozy after a harried drive home through some deep water illuminated by plenty of lightning. I try to avoid driving in New Orleans during crazy downpours because our streets in some places temporarily flood … Continue reading

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