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Spring comes to the front yard

The anise is blooming.  Extra-cool because it’s a native plant.  My friend’s land in Mississippi is carpeted with these beautiful shrubs.  I think I need to get out there soon.  Making a mental plan right now! Advertisements

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Persistent, as in a rash that’s persistent.  Or an infection.  Or a weed in the garden.  Except that this is a kind of persistence I love.  Mardi Gras beads are persistent in New Orleans.  Well after the celebrations are over, … Continue reading

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My favorite NOLA spring holiday

Sadly, I’m still out of town, but I’ve brought a little St. Joseph’s Day with me!  I’ve brought some candles, some lucky fava beans and some fig and sesame cookies to share, and that’s the best I can do this … Continue reading

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Super Sunday – not to miss!

But sadly, I will be missing it!  But if you want to see some incredible Mardi Gras Indians, check out last year’s slide show! Or if you’re in New Orleans, head over to the park at Washington and LaSalle this … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day, NOLA -style!

What  a treat when St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday!  New Orleans will be full of revelers dressed in green and catching cabbages and beads at the parades.  It’s quite a street festival! Sadly, I’m out of town at … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the garden

We didn’t have a severe winter so we’ve had butterflies the whole time – lucky us!  They love the purple lantana in our yard. I love how the sunlight illuminates the orange in the wings of this red admiral. This … Continue reading

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Spring on our street #2

Baby spring leaves on the oaks across the street.  Spring is quick and these leaves will be dark and glossy soon!

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