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One Book, One New Orleans, plus brass band love

One Book, One New Orleans. It’s a cool month-long celebration in the city.  The idea is that everyone reads the same book and then attends awesome events, all in the name of adult literacy.  This year’s book is Nine Lives, … Continue reading

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A story of two pools

Back in 1928, a swimming pool was built at Audubon Park that was so big it could hold 25oo swimmers at a time, and there was a giant fountain in the middle that shot water 30 feet into the air!  … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays – early memories in Italy

I think one of the Post A Day prompts this week was about one’s earliest childhood memory, and this got me thinking about my childhood in Italy. I was super-little when we moved to Italy – about a year and … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays: How I met my husband

I had just finished my first year teaching in New Orleans. Sometime in the last month of the school year, the one teacher at my school who wasn’t a brand new teacher had thrust an application at me, saying, “You … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays – How I got the Joy Diet

This is a long story.  I don’t seem to know how to remove any of the details because they set the stage for my complete meltdown.  So here goes . . . It was June 2006.  That means it was … Continue reading

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Stillness Sundays- Anniversary Toasts

Oh.  I’m almost out of time yet again.  Today we celebrated an annual tradition.  We haven’t missed it yet, even if it rains.  Then we make it snappy, but we don’t miss it. On one of the Jazz Fest days … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays – Jazz Fest wedding memories

I woke up with a start in the middle of the night.  Where were the flowers for my hair?  They were supposed to be delivered by the florist – what had happened to them?  I finally found them in the … Continue reading

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