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One Book, One New Orleans, plus brass band love

One Book, One New Orleans. It’s a cool month-long celebration in the city.  The idea is that everyone reads the same book and then attends awesome events, all in the name of adult literacy.  This year’s book is Nine Lives, … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays: My “old life” in April

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was a very busy teacher.  And April was one of the busiest times.  I was reorganizing some cabinets today and came across my planner for one of my last years in … Continue reading

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A different kind of busy

Today: 5 hours of tutoring and a three hour evening work thing for my other position and it still feels so much more relaxed than when I was teaching full time. Perhaps because none of these obligations required prior planning … Continue reading

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Story Saturdays – the failure of the bird board

This story happened eighteen years ago, and it’s fitting that I tell it today because there are thousands of Teach For America alums celebrating the twentieth anniversary of TFA right this moment in Washington, D.C.  I’m a little sad that … Continue reading

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The grown up and the not so grown up side of me.

Does this happen to you?  Do you ever lose faith in your adult-ness when you have to throw out expired coupons? The good kind like, “Save $5 on your next grocery bill” or “Half off on this premium cat food … Continue reading

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How to get a lot of work done on the computer, part II

Note.  This post is not very exciting.  And it will make even less sense if you don’t read part 1 first. 1.  Set the snooze button about 50 times.  Well, ok, maybe just three or four.  Wonder to yourself what … Continue reading

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First day of Fall musings

Summer’s officially over.  Hurricane season goes through November, but every day that the earth tilts a little more away from the sun means a little less chance that we’ll be socked. Today’s the autumnal equinox – the day that the … Continue reading

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